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NO WIRES                 NO BATTERIES             NO MAINTENANCE

Entuit - Smart office energy management solutions.

Your In Control

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Our software gives you the freedom to monitor and control your building from anywhere in the world using your PC or Smart Phone. With a single touch, you can...

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Control lights with real value dimming

Monitor and control HVAC set points

Visualize real time energy consumption and costs

Built in user rights management

Control via conditions

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Timer controls

Control via macros

Event based controls

View and analyze consumption reports

Full cell phone control

Demand Response Ready!

Your Key to Wireless Energy Management Systems


Returns to preset temperature when room is unoccupied.

Light Control

Real value dimming allows management to control energy use and costs.

Power Strip

Control plug loads in unoccupied rooms.

Occupancy Sensor

Control HVAC and lighting loads via

oc-cupancy status.

TV Control

Automatic shut down control.

Window Sensor

Determines window status and sets HVAC into energy savings mode.

25-40% energy savings

In-room, as well as total building management

Typical ROI less than 24 months

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Increase Energy Efficiency

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Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy

Become a green building literally overnight

Reduce Eco Impact

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15% cost savings in new construction.

70% cost savings in retrofits.

30-40 minute conversion per room.

No Wires

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Zero replacement costs

Zero battery waste

Zero dead battery system failures

No Batteries

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No Maintenance

We selected Entuit’s products because they are cutting edge and provided us and our clients with the ability to meet or surpass the Mayor’s Green Building Initiative.

Deborah A Homan
David Smotrich & Partners Architects/Planners: NYC

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Entuit Office solutions diagram