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Entuit 24v thermostat



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Basic Operation

The Entuit Thermostat uses wireless communication to provide quick and easy implementation of the energy-saving HVAC controls. When the thermostat receives an "occupied" signal from any of Entuit's wireless switch or sensor, the user immediately gains full control of the HVAC settings. When the thermostat receives an "unoccupied" signal, it sets the room back to the preset unoccupied temperature. When used with Entuit's Gateway, the thermostat can also be connected to the LON or BACNet HVAC control systems.

With Entuit's new Smart Thermostat, we have included some must-have features for property owners:

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The Guest does not have access to any internal menu operations therefore prohibiting the guest from altering any settings on the thermostat. This then eliminates the guest’s ability to tamper with the energy management system.

Real time clock.

Night-Time occupancy Set Back based on property’s pre-determined nightly time schedule.

(For example: If the occupancy override is enabled, and the time is set between 9:30pm and 7:00am, when the system detects occupancy  one time, it will automatically stay in occupied mode for the duration of the time period. This advanced technology will prevent any false Set Backs during night time, and ultimately prevent any guest uncomfort or complaints.)


ENIT                                                         24V Wireless Thermostat


Range                                              50-150 feet (typical)

Frequency                                        315MHz / 868MHz / 902MHz

Input Voltage                                   24V

Max Loadings                                  24V (1.5amp/circuit)

Temperature Monitor Range           32°F to 99.9°F (0°C to 37.7°C)

Temperature Set Point Range         60°F to 85°F (15.5°C to 29.5°C)

Operating Temperatures                 14°  to 131° F (-10° to 55° C)

Storage Temperature                      -4°  to 131° F ( -20°  to 55° C)

Sampling Rate                                Every 5 seconds

Display format                                Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Fan Control                                     Selectable: Auto Cycle, Low,

                                                       Medium, High, Economy, Off

Memory                                          Stores up to 30 switch IDs

Accuracy                                         + / - 1°F (0.5°C)

Heat / Cool Control                        1 Heat and 1 Cool circuit;

                                                       Heat pump reversing valve circuit

Dimensions                                    3.5” x 5.0” x 1.5”

Radio Certifications                         FCC (U.S. SZV-TCM2XXC);

                                                       IC (Canada 5713A-TCM2XXC)

Entuit Network Diagram


Remotely Configure:                            Monitor

Edit set-points                                    Temperature/Set-point

Configure Occupied/Unoccupied        Humidity

Change Configuration                         Fan Status

Limit User Capabilities                       Compressor Status

ser™ Technology                                 Valve Status

(Including relative and absolute         Pipe Temperature

set-point correction)

Fan Control                                         Mode (heating / cooling)

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Entuit 24v thermostat
Entuit Related products
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Entuit 24v thermostat
Entuit Related products
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Entuit 24v thermostat
Entuit Related products
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