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Entuit digital thermostat with Occ sensor



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Standard Features

Optional Features:

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Digital set point display

On-board occupancy sensor

Precise temperature control

Configurable limits - comfort and economy

Configurable fan control - constant, auto, or user-selectable

Configurable cycle rate, differential, and system fan purge


Diagnostic mode

°F/°C selection switch

Key Fob ready

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Consult factory for additional custom features, such as conformal coating, custom configurations, or tan case (additional charges and 100 piece minimum apply).

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Consult factory for additional custom features, such as conformal coating, custom configurations, or tan case (additional charges and 100 piece minimum apply).


Input voltage:

Load Rating:

Comfort temp. range:

Economy Limits:



Cycle rate:


Fan purge timer:



Occupancy Sensing:

Case material:


24 VAC

1.5 amps max per circuit

60°F to 85°F

Cool 72°F - 99°F;

Heat 41°F - 72°F

Accuracy: ±1°F

6 cycle/hr. default

(field configurable 0 -12)

30 seconds default (field configurable 0-180 seconds in 10 second increments)

EL blue green

Passive infrared, 16’ typical

Polycarbonate, UL94-V0, white

3.5”W x 5”H x 1.5”D

Descriptive Specifications:

Temperature display shall be digital using a LCD and the thermostat shall operate on 24 VAC. Temperature set point only shall be displayed, but the ability to show actual temperature shall exist as a configurable option. Selection of the set point by the user shall be by clearly marked push buttons. The range shall be 60°F to 85°F(15.5°C to 29.5°C), and must be configurable via key entry or key fob data port. Control shall be battery free and maintain information in nonvolatile memory. Control shall resume at a temperature defined during configuration, typically 72°F, after power interruption. The user defined set-point shall be modified by the absence of user, with defined (configurable) periods for setback and checkout. The presence of the user shall be determined by an integral motion sensing device. The rate at which the space set-point is modified is also configurable, with preprogrammed profiles available. All parameters have factory defaults which may be restored as needed. Load switching shall be with non-triac based technology. Temperature drop shall be less than 1.0°F (0.5°C) at full rated load. Control shall have a diagnostic mode, which will alternately display both set point and room temperature. Altering of factory settings and diagnostic mode access shall be restricted by means of special codes. The thermostat shall have the native ability to control PTAC, PTHP and fan coil types of equipment through configuration.




         All wiring is the responsibility of the installer.

         The wiring diagrams shown are only typical. Detailed wiring diagrams will be outlined in the instructions.

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MODEL NUMBER:                VOLTAGE                   SYSTEM CHANGEOVER

M9-O51                                                            24 VAC                                                  Automatic

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Entuit digital thermostat with Occ sensor
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