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Basic Operation

The Wireless Light Sensors have built-in solar cells that draw on available ambient light to power themselves and can operate for light levels from - to 94.8 footcandles (0 to 1020 LUX). This is a revolutionary product for daylight harvesting applications to meet energy savings initiatives. Optimally place the sensor in the desired lighted space, pair it with an Entuit receiver for load control and your installation is complete. The self-powered wireless light sensor design also overcomes the placement and coverage challenges of traditional light sensors. They maybe mounted wherever needed without moving or installing new wiring or conduit.

First ever fully remotely configurable light/occupancy sensor with AirConfig tool.

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Occupied Cycle Options

Unoccupied Signal Cycle Options

Lux Sensor Configuration

Remotely Change EnOcean Profile


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Daylight Harvesting: light sensor has both switched and dimmed capabilities, both are dependent on the application and Receivers used

No Power Consumption: when enough natural light is available, solar power provides the energy to keep the device ON while sensor technology turns the lights OFF, eliminating additional expenses to the end user’s energy bill

No External Power Required: with no wiring limitations,this enables the installer to place the sensor in the optimal location of any application to capture optimal daylight readings

Self-Powered & Self-Charging: angled solar cells are optimal for light collection enabling the sensor to capture maximum ambient light over flat solar cells

Quick Charge Time to Operation: self-powered technology enables the sensor to be operational after a minimum charge time of 1 minute

True Wireless: sensors are self-powered and communicate with all Entuit and EnOcean Receivers via radio frequency

No Additional Materials: self-powered wireless technology eliminates the need to pull additional wire and conduit making installation quick and easy, while diminishing labor costs

No External Power Required: exclusive “power-less” technology significantly reduces call backs and maintenance for additional savings

Days of Stored Power: solar panel provides power for the device to maintain a sufficient charge to operate for long periods of time without light

Unlimited Energy Savings: wireless technology supports daylight harvesting and manual override options with no additional wiring


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