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Entuit lighting control module



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A simple solution to measure temperature in a room. The sensor uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly with other EnOcean-based devices whenever it detects a change in temperature of more than 0.5K (1F). The sensor is completely self-powered by harvesting ambient solar energy so there are no wires to run or batteries to replace, reducing installation time and eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance.


Features & benefits

          Interoperable. Communicates wirelessly with other devices using the EnOcean wireless standard.

          Self-Powered. Integrated solar cell harvests indoor light to power the device and eliminates the need for wires or batteries.

          Single button with LED indicator light enables simple device configuration


Save Energy, Time, and Money

Avoid costly and time-consuming installation of hardwired switches. Conserve energy and save money by choosing Intuit


Typical Applications

Combine the Remote Temperature Sensor with our HVAC set back module for an economical way to control energy use.


Energy Harvesting Wireless

Enjoy unlimited flexibility and performance with EnOcean-enabled energy harvesting wireless solutions. Systems that employ this wireless device benefit from the limitless supplies of energy and unrivaled flexibility



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Power Supply                                             Indoor light energy harvesting

Temperature Range                                    0 - 40 ºC (32 - 104 ºF)

RF Communications                                   EnOcean 902 MHz

Transmission Range                                  30-100 ft (10-33m)

Charge Time before Linking                       4 minutes @ 200 lux

Light Required to Maintain Operation       50 lux for 30 transmissions/hour

                                                                   100 lux for 60 transmissions/hour

Charge Time for Full Charge                       20 hours @ 200 lux (after startup)

                                                                   40 hours @ 200 lux (cold start)

Operating Life in Darkness                        4 days: heartbeat only

(after full charge)                                       3 days @ 10 actuations/hour

EEP (EnOcean Equipment Profile)             A5-02-05

Transmission Cycle                                     Wake-up cycle: 100s (fixed)

                                                                   Transmission if temperature change of >

                                                                    ±0.5K (±1F) detected

                                                                   Redundant retransmission, every 7-14th

                                                                   wake-up, affected at random

Dimensions (Sensor)                                 3.15” H x .83” W x .59” D

                                                                   (80mm x 21mm x 15mm)

Agency Compliance                                    902 MHz Contains: FCC: SZV-STM311U

                                                                   IC: 5713A-STM311U

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Entuit lighting control module
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