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ENTUIT Pneumatic Thermostat

(Wi-Stat IIIp)


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Commercial and Industrial Class Wireless Mesh Networking


The Entuit Pneumatic Thermostat (Wi-Stat IIIp) Provides Reliable Zone Comfort and Enhanced Energy Economy Through Remote Monitoring and Set Point Management, Enabling Greater Energy Policy Compliance and Usage Analysis

Features at a Glance

Thermal Zone Features

— No valve calibration (Piezo electric valve actuator)

— Wireless mesh thermostat provides remote monitoring and HVAC control capabilities

— ~ 60 data points available

— +/- 1° F control accuracy for maximum comfort

— Easy to install; economical retrofit is compatible with and uses the existing thermostat and HVAC pneumatics

— Bi-directional wireless communication

— Occupancy scheduling and monitoring capabilities define and enforce energy policies

— Allows for local thermostat operation within the specified comfort zone

— Override feature allows local operation during scheduled unoccupied periods

— Detects and displays branch line air pressure

— IC- and FCC-compliant hardware modules


Wireless Sensor Network Features

— Operates on a license-free 2.4 GHz ISM radio band with 15 user-selectable channels

— Configures as part of an Entuit network that includes hundreds of wireless devices

— Wireless communication ranges available of at least 750 feet between adjacent devices

— Extensive (1000s of feet) mesh network coverage


Retrofit Pneumatic HVAC

Wi-Stat IIIp replaces mechanical Bi-Metal elements with advanced Piezo electric valve actuator for much more accurate pneumatic controls. It is the only universal thermostat replacement to provide

802.15.4 wireless communication for buildings with pneumatic interfaces for HVAC controls.

The Wi-Stat IIIp supports 2 pipe pneumatic interface options to rapidly and affordable upgrade

existing systems for energy management and provides an easy migration path for the future elimination of pneumatics, if desired.


Typical Applications

The Wi-Stat IIIp is an intelligent energy conservation device for pneumatic commercial, industrial, and municipal HVAC environments with retrofit, low cost, and ease of deployment as  key drivers.

The Wi-Stat IIIp is familiar and easy-to-use, for it operates with the local conventional thermostat. Local

supervisory control features enforce constraints and communicate via the mesh network to a remote monitoring and control application. Alternatively, a Wi-Stat IIIp can be configured to include the

Wi-Zone temperature input for improved temperature uniformity within a zone.


Long Range

The Wi-Stat IIIp transmits at a radio power of 60-mW, allowing for communication distances of at least 750 feet clear line of sight. Meshing capabilities allow for coverage of 1000s of feet.


Entuit Networking

The Wi-Stat IIIp uses the industrially-proven Entuit networking system which features:

— Self-administrating network: a self-forming and self-healing mesh network requires no administration

— Robust: a network that ensures multi-route, reliable data transmission over extensive distances

— Responsive: a network that quickly adapts to changes in topology and radio frequency (RF)

— Power efficient: can run for years on a single battery set

— Scalable: with the application, can scale to hundreds of wireless nodes with minimal overhead

— Low latency: very short network data delivery times

The Wi-Stat IIIp is designed to be part of the Entuit system, which can be configured to provide either single-site or multi-site monitoring/control via an internet web interface.


Remote Monitoring/Control Features

The Entuit Wi-Stat IIIp is designed to interface with any BACnet or Modbus® compatible Remote HVAC Monitoring and Control software application. Entuit’s Wi-EMS Remote HVAC Monitoring and

Control provides a full-featured and easy-to-use 365-day occupancy scheduling calendar that reports, trends, and analyzes energy consumption.


Wi-Stat IIIp HVAC Compatibility

— 2-Pipe, Multiple Temperature Setpoints

— Direct / Reverse Acting, Dead Band Control, Summer / Winter thermostat systems

— Heat only, cool only, and heat/cool dual mode systems

— No calibration or throttling range adjustment is needed

— Standard barb fittings for air pipe connections


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