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Product Description

The Entuit Door / Window Sensor helps provide energy savings for an area by detecting when a door or window opens or closes. It is a wireless solar-powered sensor that can be used on its own to detect the open and closed status of entry doors or windows, or it can be paired with Entuit's occupancy sensor to accurately detect whenever someone enters or exits a room. The sensor is easy to install on door and window frames, and virtually anything indoors that opens and closes.



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Features Include

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Sends wireless message to other devices whenever a door or window opens or closes

Harvests ambient solar energy to power the sensor and send wireless communication

Mounts easily on standard doors or windows

Works with motion sensors to track room

occupancy and temperature control

Supplemental battery option for extreme low-light fail over

Discreet and low-profile


Take a moment to plan for the sensor’s successful operation and optimal communication with other system components. Remove the sensor from its packaging and place it under a strong light to charge it for installation.

        Ensure the location provides consistent and

        adequate light

        Install according to the alignment requirements

        Determine which sensor profile is appropriate,

        see the Linking section

        Consider the construction materials in the space

        and obstacles that may interfere with RF signals

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Alignment Requirements


Power Supply                                                    Solar harvesting, supplemental battery option

Transmission Range                                         80 ft. (25 m)

Radio Frequency                                               902 MHz

Light Required to                                             15 lux for 6 actuations/hour

Maintain Operation                                           50 lux for 30 actuations/ hour

                                                                          lOO lux for 60 actuations/hour

Charge Time to Setup                                       2.7 hours @ 10 lux

                                                                         3.7 minutes @ 200 lux

Charge Time to                                                 21 hours @ 2OO lux (after startuP)

Fully Charge                                                     42 hours @ 2OO lux (cold start)

Fully Charged Operating                                  174 hours: heartbeat only

Life in Darkness                                              67 hours @ 10 actuations/hour

                                                                         10 hours @ 1OO actuations/hour

Maximum Sensor Gap                                      O.25 inch (6.4 mm)

Sensor Dimensions                                          3.15” L x O.83” W x O.59” D

                                                                         ( 8.O cm x 2.1 cm x 1.5 cm)

Magnet Dimensions                                         3.15” L x O.47” W x O.5” D

                                                                         (8.Ocm x 1.2cm x 1.3cm)

Total Weight                                                      0.97 oz. (27.5 g)

Environment                                                     -Indoor use only

                                                                         - 32° to 131° F (0° to 55° C)

                                                                         - 5% to 95% relative humidity


Agency Compliance                                          FCC and I.C.

The proximity of the magnet to the sensor is important for proper detection. The alignment arrows on the sensor and the magnet must point to each other and the gap between them must not exceed .25 inch (6.4 mm) in any direction.

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