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Today’s building owners are seeking solutions to drive down their facility’s energy footprint without enduring the expense and disruption of installing a networked automation system. Entuit answers this need with the ENPS that operates on a simple principle; if the space is vacant, turn the devices off.



Basic Operation

Wireless Monitoring

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The ENPS turns plug load devices “ON / OFF” based on occupancy.

The power strip contains two outlets always on, the convenience outlets, and 2 pairs of occupancy sensitive outlets.

The ENPS automatically sends power to all controlled devices when the workspace is has been occupied, and shuts off power when the workspace has been unoccupied for up to two seperate user-defined time delays.

Always on convenience outlets are unaffected by occupancy.

The ENPS is designed for controlling computer peripherals, task lighting, comfort devices like fans or heaters and any other equipment that can be turned off during unoccupied periods.

Entuit controllers use wireless technology to monitor the room’s environment eliminating much of the normal wiring required for this level of distributed control. This translates into quick installations with less disruption to occupants allowing facilities to accelerate retrofit schedules and start saving money sooner. By harvesting energy from the surrounding environment, these battery-free devices (as well as all other Entuit switches and sensors) eliminate the maintenance burden of replacing and disposing of batteries.


Start taking control of your facilities’ energy by addressing wattage through unnecessary plug loads. With Entuit controllers and battery-free, wireless sensors, the decision to shut off devices becomes dependent upon positive control and not on user intervention.


-  15A circuit breaker/switch.

-  1800W total capacity.

-  Typical range 50-150 feet.

-  Operates at 315MHz / 868MHz

-  Attached 6’ cord with moulded flat offset plug.

-  Easy setup.

-  Use with any standard 120V receptacle.

-  2 always on convenience outlets.

-  2 pairs of occupancy sensitive controlled outlets.

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